Hardware Hacks & Mods


Apple Mac SE/30 with Internal CD-Rom
Wish your compact Mac had an internal CD drive? Find inspiration here.

Added Late 2000/ Early 2001

Connecting a Standard Mac Floppy to a Powerbook Duo

There had to be a way - and there is!

Added 12/08/2001

Phase 5 Maccelerate! G3 Card Heatsink Fix

More of a fix than a hack, but I did have to use a hacksaw!

Added Late 2001

Duo 280c desktop Hack

I've turned a Powerbook Duo into a super slim desktop machine! Why? errrm...

Added 6th January 2002
Apple Mac 6100 Full Height Drive Hack

I fitted a full height hard drive into a 6100. Here's how.

Hacking an iPod Dock (Nearly)

Is it possible to make the Dock take a fatter iPod?

iPod Legodock

Function over form, but mission accomplished!

Added 21st March 2004
G4 Front USB 2 & Firewire

No more faffing around the back of your Mac!

Ipod Nano Docks

Randy's been very busy!