Lego iPod Dock


As I mentioned before when my iPod is in it's Contour Showcase it's too big for the Apple dock.

So I decided to make my own iPod dock, to accommodate my encased iPod. But what materials should I use? Wood? Metal? Hmm, I needed something easy to work with, and something I could alter easily as I was building it. Ah, time to pull out the old Lego!

Most of my Lego dates from the 70's and 80's, so all the white bricks have gone a subtle shade of yellow, and show up the teeth marks too well. So I decided to use the black bricks.

I didn't plan the design before hand, I just made it up as I went along, hence the boxy look. The only things it needed to have were a back support to hold the iPod up at a slight backward angle, and a way of holding the dock connector pointing upward.

The dock connector on the cable normally needs to be pinched at the sides before pulling it out of the iPod or Apple dock, so I put a cable tie around the connector to hold the sides in.

The cable tie also gave me a way of holding the connector in place. By wedging the tie under a bit of Lego, I was able to stop the connector lifting up when to iPod was lifted out of the dock.

The finished dock works perfectly. The iPod drops straight down onto the connector without any problems, which is more luck than judgement.

I stuck four rubber feet on the bottom of the dock to stop it sliding around.

So there you go. It looks a bit pants, but it works. With more planning and some more modern Lego bits you could make a really great looking dock, but for the time being, it'll do :)

If this has inspired you to make your own Lego dock, feel free to send me a piccy and I'll post it here!

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