Fitting Front USB2 & Firewire Ports to an Original G4


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My G4 has 3 PCI slots and one AGP slot. I've already got a 4 port Belkin USB1.1 card fitted, the new card will go along side it, giving a total of 9 USB ports (including 2 built in) on the back of my Mac!

Here's the card fitted, you can see the cables going up to the back of the hub:

So many cables! When you close the Mac, you have to be careful not get them trapped, and you also need to keep the fan clear if possible, so your Mac doesn't overheat. Cable ties are your friends here :)

Here's a closeup of the card fitted:

That's nearly it. Fit the front panel back on, minus the Zip bezel:

Close it up and you're all set to test the ports!

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